Spa Automation

This is a situation that many of our customers face.

When their pool and spa were built, the builder did not install a system that allows the spa to be operated by the pool side.

This causes two key problems:

1.Your guests have to turn the pool controls on themselves, which often leads to them not returning them to their correct settings which leave a green pool or worse…..

2.The guests do not get the full benefit of the features of your home.

Spas are becoming a very much sought after item in your home. By adding this system we also install a digital clock which is fully programmable.

The system directs the water flow to allow the water to flow into the spa therapy jets or the pool. Also along with the flow, the pool directs the filtration too.

Each home is unique so please contact us for information or email us to receive an estimate on your home.


Featuring the Aqua Connect Web

Aqua Connect Web allows you to manage your pool via the Internet from anywhere. Aqua Connect Home Network communicates with web-enabled computers or handheld, WiFi devices in your home to control all pool functions. Aqua Connect Home Automation allows your pool and spa controller to interface seamlessly with your home automation system so that one keypad or display panel can handle your pool, home theater equipment, security, lighting and more.

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