Pool Cleaning Services and Chemicals

Our full service offers our customer’s:

– Field Test Water Quality.
– Vacuum Pool as needed.
– Brush Walls, Floor, Tile line, Skim Surface of water.
– Clean and empty Pump Basket, Skimmer Basket, Pool Vac Leaf Trap, and Main Drain Debris Container if installed.
– Clean Filter Cartridge or Backwash Filter monthly or more if needed due to pressure readings.
– Visually inspect all equipment to ensure proper working order and report any needed repairs if found.
– Balance Water and add Chemicals as needed: chlorine, ph adjuster, alkalinity adjuster, clarifier. Algaecide and phosphate treatments are included in this service and Gold.

Break and Clean for DE Filters

Salt Cell Cleaning maybe subject to additional charges.

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The Pool Chemicals we offer in our store and use on our pool service route are detailed below.

Lo Chlor & Tropi-Clear

When tasked with treating a particularly pesky algae problem in a rehabilitation swimming pool at an Australian hospital where he worked, Andrew Simons, a brilliant Australian chemist, formulated Lo-Chlor Three Month Algicide. It not only cleared the persistent pool problem, but was found to be consistently effective for 90 days with a single dose. Having now been thoroughly intrigued with water chemistry, he spent the rest of his life developing unique and highly effective products for swimming pool professionals to overcome their most daunting challenges.

A difficult water problem can be frustrating but Lo-Chlor offers the solution. Whether your challenge is cloudy water, algae, phosphates, metal build-up, stains, grimy build-up, poor filter circulation, calcium deposits or a hard-to-find leak, Lo-Chlor has a product to solve the problem.

It’s easy. Remember the best solution is “The Only Solution”…Lo-Chlor!

SeaKlear Products

No one wants cloudy, discolored, or dull-looking water in their pool or spa. Besides the aesthetic concerns, transparent, clean water is important to swimmer safety. Maintaining clear, clean and safe water is essential to any pool or hot tub owner. SeaKlear® pool and spa water treatment solutions provide a reliable and effective way to treat your pool or spa easily and effectively so you can enjoy your time in your pool, not cleaning it.

SeaKlear water treatment solutions provide a reliable and effective way to prevent and eliminate problems as part of a pool, spa or hot tub chemical maintenance program.

SeaKlear addresses the following key issues affecting pool, spa or hot tub maintenance:
– Water clarity
– Preventing recreational water illness
– Algae
– Surface stains or discolored water
– Waterline scum and scale