Fire Bowls

Fire Fountain Manifolds – One of the newest trends in outdoor decoration is the fire fountain that combines a water fountain with fire to create a spectacular display in any backyard. A fire fountain combines the elements of fire and water to create an amazing outdoor display for many different sizes and shapes of fountains. The gas lines, similar to those used in barbecue grills are placed below the water line of the fountain with a manifold as close to the surface as possible. When the gas is lit it extends the flame to the lines’ nozzles igniting the gas. This combination has until recently only been seen in such places a Las Vegas and is now available for homes. It operates on either natural or LP gas with output meters provided by the gas provider.

Landscaping With Fire –
The human attraction to fire is hard-wired. “Fire draws people like magnets,” says John Harrington, a spokesperson for Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado and the owner of Alpine Gardens Inc., a design firm in the mountain resort of Silverthorne. When clients come to him looking for outdoor living areas, fire invariably figures into the plans, especially given Colorado’s challenging winter environment. In the mountains, he says, fire isn’t just about bringing people together — it’s also about keeping warm.

Fire has revolutionized the outdoor living market, says Leslie Wheeler, director of communications for the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association in Arlington, Va. Chimineas launched the movement, and they remain popular, along with affordable and portable firepits. There are hundreds of different choice — iron chimineas, stone fire pits, polished fire bowls, tables with fire at their centers — that burn wood, natural gas or propane. “There are many options for any pocketbook,” Leslie says.

Combining water and fire is guaranteed to create an alluring spectacle, creating a truly stunning and unique aquatic feature. Fire dances upon the water surface in a never-ending display of light and energy. Clean burning, renewable natural gas provides fuel, while hidden components safely deliver the gas through the water.

Gas and Electric – As licensed pool and gas contractors, we are one of the companies that can “legally” perform these services for our clients. Don’t let an unlicensed landscape contractor touch something as dangerous as gas, propane, or electric on your property!